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How to shorten URL with your own branded domain?

In order to be able to generate short links with your own domain name you have to add your domain to wow.link database, set up DNS for your domain and validate your ownership of the domain. That can be easily done with just a few simple steps (Check out How to set up your own domain for URL shortening?).

If you have already added your domain to wow.link then to create a short link with your branded domain select “Short Link” from the “Create” menu on the top of any wow.link website page:

In the pop-up window type or copy-paste the destination address URL to the text field #1 in the figure below. Select your domain from the list #2. In the field #3 you can type your own preferable short link path (slash, hash, or link name). You can also add your description of this short link in the field #4 for future references.

Then finally click “Create” to generate your new branded short link.