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Promote your business, brand, blog or social network channels more effectively with short links from with your Custom Interstitial Pages and Smart Links

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Shorten an URL
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Attract a new audience
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Unique features

Beautiful and smart Wow-links attract more attention!

URL Shortening - The most advanced platform for managing short links

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Custom Interstitial Pages (CIP)

Now you can create your own interstitial page for your short links without knowing html or how to program websites. makes it fast and easy for you with our proprietary Interstitial Page Editor.

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Advanced statistics

Promote your projects, conduct advertising campaigns and get detailed reports on clicks on your links using

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URL safety check

Your links are automatically checked by the world's leading anti-viruses, displaying the link's safety status on the the intermediate pages, which gives your subscribers a sense of security when they click on your links

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About our service is a URL shortener that will help you improve your brand visibility and attract more visitors to your social networks and blogs, more customers for your business with new technologies in URL shortening.

In addition to URL shortening services and click tracking, our service provides a number of unique features that differentiate us from any other URL shortener:

1. Custom Interstitial Page (CIP) - using our Interstitial Page Editor you can create your own interstitial page with the content that you want to show to the users who clicked your short links.

2. Branded Domains - you can use your own domains for short links with URL shortening web service.

3. Smart redirects - set up smart redirect conditions for your links and define where your link should redirect users depending on their country, device type, operating system, browser type, language and other conditions. You can also protect your short link with a password, so only users who have the password can access the destination website.

4. All links are checked for safety with the Google Safe Browsing service. The result of the safety check is indicated in the header of the interstitial page, which ensures safety to open the link for your users.

5. Beautiful short link domain name - is the most nice sounding domain name for your short links!