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Сatchy and compliant links worth sharing is an innovative link management platform that helps businesses, influencers, content creators and advertising agencies to promote brands and stay compliant

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Custom Interstitial Pages (CIP)

Create your own interstitial page (micro-webpage) with a brand logo, attributes or mission values for short links with help of patented built-in editor without knowing HTML or programming

Smart Deep Links

Set up smart redirect conditions for your wow-links and optimize your audience redirection depending on their device type, location, language etc.

Conversion Tracking

Integrate tracking pixels from leading platforms and increase conversions

URL Safety Check

Make your audience and users feel safe clicking on your wow-links

  • Advanced Dashboard
  • Powerful links analytics and statistics
  • Extended click details
  • Campaign and tag grouping
  • Interstitial Page analytics
  • Instant data update
  • Branded domains