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Custom Interstitial Pages (CIP)

Create your own interstitial page (micro-webpage) with a brand logo or attributes, video, disclosure or mission values for short links with help of exclusive built-in editor. No HTML knowledge or programming skills required.

Are you interested in increasing brand awareness?

Show brand logo for a second to every user clicking on the link before he reaches destination page. Wow links give you an exclusive opportunity to do it via CIP with the same idea just like a Linkedin or Instragram logo while loading the app, Metro Goldwyn Mayer's lion before start watching a movie or EA Games logo before opening a game.

Unique advertising space

Monetize links you share by displaying advertiser's or partner's brand logo and other attributes using CIP technology. Whether it would be a simple or animated logo, slogan, video or even contact details.

Disclaimer feature

Use CIP to build an audience trust by disclosing commercial nature of sponsored, referral or affiliate links on social media and other channels. Place a full dislosure via CIP to protect your business from legal risks and lawsuits related to regulatory compliance. This equally works when you need to put the age or other restrictions to your website, app or product.

Impactful Messaging

Share your mission, vision or socially responsible message with your audience via CIP in every link.