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Use cases of

There are many different ways how can be used by bloggers, youtubers and other influencers, as well as businesses and specialists in marketing and advertising.

  1. 1. Short links
    with your own branded domains improve your domain and brand awareness and visibility. Shared short links with you own brand name are more SEO (Search Engine Optimization) friendly helping to improve your domain and website position in search engines.

  2. 2. Custom interstitial pages
    1. Youtubers can use short links from in the description for their videos for tracking clicks on the links to the products that their promote or to other resources related to the video. Assigning interstitial pages to short wow-links with information about influencer’s social networks, websites or blogs increase number of visitors to other social channels of the influencers, leading to higher number of subscribers.
    2. Instagram bio - you can use with your custom interstitial page where you can publish multiple links to your websites, blogs, facebook pages, twitter and other social networks.
    3. Businesses can use short links with their own domain and interstitial pages to increase users’ awareness about their brands, products and promotions. Using proprietary technology allowing short URLs with the domains that host an operating website, business owners can improve their websites position in the search engines.
    4. General users - anyone can use interstitial page with whatever information user wants to communicate to people who clicked on their short links. It could be any message, image, loto, youtube video, contact information etc.

  3. 3. Track performance
    of the web-marketing campaigns, merchant and affiliate network statistics.