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How to shorten an URL?

You can shorten any valid network address by 2 methods:

  1. 1. Right from the header of website:

Copy and paste or type the destination address in the text field shown above and click on “Shorten” button.

2. Click on menu “Create” and then select “Short link”:

In the new pop-up window enter the destination address into “Destination URL” text field (field #1 in the illustration below), then select a domain name for your short link (default domain is You can also type a custom short URL, for example instead of short link you can create your own custom link such as by typing “MyBlogName” into the text field #2 in the illustration below:

To recall later on what is that short link is you can put a link description, for example, “Link to my favorite post on my blog” (field #3). This description will be visible only for you to help to arrange your links better.