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What is a Custom Interstitial Page?

A Custom Interstitial Page, a.k.a. “CIP” is a web-page that is shown to the user who clicked on your short link prior to redirecting that user to the final destination address. You can create CIP with CIP Editor available by the link The Interstitial Page Editor allows you to tailor the CIP to your brand, logo, blog or website. It allows you to add multiple different blogs to the page, such as text blocks, links, images, youtube videos, buttons and other elements of web design and customize them as you like.

You can assign your CIP to your link in the short link settings page and select one of the following options for transition from the CIP to the destination address:

- Transition by the click on confirmation button

- Transition after certain delay (1, 3, 5, 15, 30 sec)